Friday, October 3, 2014

Are your rights more important than mine?

So often in the news lately I'm reading about some anti-God group or another being angry about some monument or sign that offends them and they're insisting it be taken down. I'm reading about some business owner who does- or refuses to do- something that offends someone so the offended party sues the business owner. The business owner takes down their sign or closes their business...or sometimes they fight back. I'm reading stories of U.S. Military members being denied the right to have religious bumper stickers on their personal cars, or being told they cannot pray while in uniform. National Military cemeteries taking crosses off the graves because it offends someone. Taking Bibles out of hotels because it offends someone. Taking down an American Flag...In AMERICA... because it offends someone. Taking down a sign advertising bacon...BECAUSE IT OFFENDS SOMEONE!!!
And then I'm reading stories of school children being told they cannot pray in school or at school events...and they pray anyway!

We need to take a lesson from these school children because they are brave enough to stand firm in their faith. They are standing up to the bullies and practicing their God given and constitutionally affirmed right to practice their religion.

So here is a question that people need to be asking in the situations listed above:

*Why do the rights of one group seem to be stripping away the rights of another?

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is on a mission to see every single religious symbol, word, sign, celebration, etc, removed from public view. They threaten to sue little towns who have a cross or bible verse painted on a water tower. They threaten to sue schools who pray at graduation ceremonies or football games. They threaten to sue the federal government for owning property that has a religious monument of any sort upon it's grounds...simply because they are offended by such things. They don't believe in God so they don't want to see any evidence that others do believe.

So here's the thing, if they don't want to see those things, they can simply look the other way. If they win their fight and get all religious symbols removed from public view, those of us who want to see those things cannot see them. So in order to appease a very small minority, the judges are stripping away the rights of the majority.

In what way is that right? I want to see a town nativity scene at Christmas time. I want to listen to heartfelt prayers at my children's high school graduations and sporting events. I want to see a monument of the 10 Commandments outside my courthouse. I want to see a cross at the Veteran's Cemetery. But my rights are being taken away from me just because someone else is offended by those things and refuse to look away.

When did we become such a weak minded nation that we're offended by every little thing? I'm offended by those who are offended by my God! Have your  beliefs, fine, you're welcome to them, but stop trying to take mine away or force me to hide them! I'm not asking you to deny your beliefs but you are asking me to deny mine. Why is that suddenly okay?

It's time for the church- not a specific building in your town or mine- but the church as a whole- to unite and stand up to this tyranny that's trying to put God in a closet, hidden away where they hope He'll be forgotten over time. It's time for us to push back! It's time to show the mainstream public that we're not going to go quietly into the night.

VOTE! Participate in town meetings, school board meetings, educate yourself about your rights and the rights of your children, (Yes, your kids can take their Bibles to school, it's their right to do so.) Make your voices heard above the din of those whining about being offended by every little thing. Jesus got angry in the temple and turned over's not a sin to get angry as long as it's righteous...and this is a great reason to dig up some righteous indignation! Fight back!