Saturday, July 30, 2016

If you were running for president.....

If I have learned anything from this election it's this:

Live everyday as if you will someday run for president, knowing that your opponent will do all he/she can to dig up every single foul word you use. Every racist joke you tell. Every time you've gotten drunk or high. Every missed opportunity to help someone in need. Every questionable decision you make. Every scandal, every lie, every single misspent penny will be posted on the internet for the entire world to see and comment on for all of eternity.

Live your life so that when it comes time for the campaign ads to start appearing, your opponent won't be able to dig up any dirt on you. No lies, no deleted emails, no affairs, no abortions, no unwed pregnancies, no tax evasion or fraud, no racism, no lawsuits...nothing but good stuff. Images of you helping a homeless guy find a job. Recordings of you reading to kids in a foster home. Tax returns showing you give to those less fortunate. Video of you playing basketball with at risk youth and mentoring them. Pictures of you loving and appreciating your wife/husband and kids. Mowing the yard of an elderly or infirm neighbor.

Think about that. What could your opponent dig up about you now? What can you do differently?