Tuesday, December 1, 2015

When did we stop growing up?

As I read through the news headlines I can't help but be amazed at how many of them talk about college students being 'victimized' 'traumatized' 'offended' or 'terrorized' by something someone said or did or thought.

Someone is victimized because a church sermon made them feel bad. Students are angry because a professor refuses to cancel an exam so he's forced to resign because black students might feel unsafe attending class. Someone else says remembering important events in our nation's history should be cancelled because someone might be offended. Or people demanding 'safe places' where they can go when they've been 'Triggered'.

These are young adults, mind you. People in their late teens and early to mid 20's who are crying about this or that as if they were 4 year olds who got their feelings hurt by a school yard bully! These are people who are done being children- chronologically- and are supposed to be preparing for life in the real know, the real world where no one cares about your feelings. Where employers will yell at you if you don't do a good job or fire you if you fail to meet expectations. Where someone in a grocery store parking lot won't think anything of poking fun at your oversized rump when they see a package of cookies in your cart. And, sadly, there are still people in this world who take issue with others of a different skin color or nationality...and won't hesitate to let you know it.

Life is hard! Pre-school generally ends at around age 5 and after that you stop behaving as if you were a pre-schooler. It seems like everyone wants to be offended or victimized about something and they'll do anything to go about finding that something.

I'll tell you what...there are things in this life that are much more important than being 'offended' by something that someone said that wasn't really offensive at all. How about being offended by the national debt. That offends me greatly. How about being offended by our elected officials thinking we're too stupid to make our own choices so they have to do it for us.

Or someone who feels 'victimized' by a movie they were made to watch in history class or a book they were made to read in English. How about instead you think about people who are really being victimized? Women and children who are sold into sex slavery. Babies being slaughtered by the thousands every single day because they're seen as inconvenient by a parent who- generally speaking- had sex without being responsible. How about our Veterans who come home and seek medical care from the VA only to be turned away again and again and put on secret waiting lists until they finally die from whatever was ailing them simply because our government doesn't care enough about them to do what's right.

This generation that is now in college who are fussing and making demands because something made them sad or didn't suit their way of thinking, are the same kids that got a trophy just for showing up. The same kids whose parents valued self esteem over self control. The same kids who never got spanked and whose parents were their friends instead of their parents. (again I'm generalizing). These are the same people who are posting selfies constantly online because they are the only ones they think of.

It's time to grow up, America. It's time to remember personal accountability and personal responsibility. It's time to remember that you and I are not the most important people in the world...that there are others who have a harder time and need some help, that there are others who could use some of the attention you're giving yourself. The universe does not revolve around you or me or any one individual on this planet. You are no more important than the next person. You are no more valuable than anyone else. GROW UP!! Think about someone else for a change. Get out of your own head and heart and focus on something outside your box.

If anything I said in this blog post offended anyone and sent them to their safe place...I'm not sorry. I don't regret it and I won't take it back. :) Thank you and have a great day!