I love the whole idea of the Biblical account of Creation. What a wonder it would have been to witness it as God breathed the world into being. I wrote this poem after reading Genesis 1, in awe of the miracle of it all.

Time began one lonely day when God sat on His throne.

Looking down upon the earth He tired of being alone.

With a sweep of His hand and words filled with might,

He said, "This is good." When He created the light.

Day two began when in the blink of an eye

God waved His hand and created the sky.

Day three was a masterpiece with flowers and land.

He did all of this with a wave of His hand.

The fourth day He placed the stars in the sky.

The moon and the sun, He hung nearby.

"This work is good." He said to the wind.

"Now for the fifth day, what shall I send?"

He placed fish in the sea and birds in the air,

This once barren place was looking quite fair.

But something was missing, there's nothing on land,

The beasts were created with a wave of His hand.

God was still lonely with all of this done.

With all of these creatures He still had no one.

So He gathered the dust in the palm of His hand

And when He was done, He'd created a man.

Adam was put in charge of it all.

Then God made Eve and then the fall.

They lost the garden but not the love

Of the Mighty Creator up above.

Man was made deliberately,

Not from fish that crawled from the sea.

God wanted us here for Him alone,

He will not ever share His throne.

(c) 2000 Danielle M. Peck

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