Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Red Christmas cup....

I'm sure you've all heard about the Starbucks holiday cup by now and if you haven't then you're among the lucky ones.

I got to thinking today about all the uproar about this situation and decided I should write my thoughts down and if I can help some angry Christian see things a little different that will be good...and if not...well, I've given you a few minutes to pretend to be working while you're not ;)

So here goes:

If I go to Starbucks it's for a tasty cup of coffee. It's not for a Bible story or a sermon. My faith is not so shallow and/or insecure that it resides in a disposable paper coffee cup. My faith is in my Creator, God, and my Savior, Jesus Christ. I don't need a fancy paper cup to tell me how strong my faith is or to help me celebrate Christmas. The cup isn't even powerful enough to tell me how strong my coffee is.

The designs on the previous cups at Starbucks have been snowmen, snowflakes, holiday ornaments, etc. Not one of those designs, in any way, represented my Jesus and/or the true reason behind the celebration of Christmas.

My daughter works at Starbucks and in the location where she works, they have gift cards that say "MERRY CHRISTMAS" on them. They have Christmas decorations put up. And did you know that Starbucks also has a Christmas blend coffee. Yep, I'm drinking some right now. Says Christmas Blend right across the front of the bag. It doesn't say Xmas or Holiday says CHRISTMAS!

So, am I going to get angry and up in arms  about a red paper cup? No. In my opinion there are much more important things to get angry and up in arms about. How about Christians being denied the right to live their faith in their personally owned businesses? How about Christians being beheaded by ISIS militants? How about hungry children right here in America? How about our  government spending billions of dollars to house and feed Muslim refugees while our own veterans lay cold and homeless in the streets, digging through dumpsters to eat? How about being lied to by the people who are supposed to represent us?

You see, there are things in this life, in this world that beg you to be angry and do something about them, do something to help, to make a difference....a red paper cup is not one of them.