Saturday, July 27, 2013

It's time to STAND UP!!

To my friends, family, and random readers...

Our world is in sad shape, as I'm sure many of you have noticed. It would seem that God has been kicked so fully out of our society that He's gone completely and has left us to our evil devices.

Our government is full to brimming over with deceitful, scheming, lying, Godless people and WE the people put them there. They've corrupted their positions and forsaken the Constitution they swore to uphold. They're slowly stripping away our rights and freedoms and it won't be long until we're no better off than those trapped in concentration camps during WWII!

Our religious liberties are being stolen at an alarming rate and those of us who claim to be true Christians are standing silently by, allowing it to happen. We don't go out and vote, we don't attend rallies, we don't write or call our reps to make our voices heard! Would Jesus stand silently by and do nothing to try to change things?

NO, He absolutely would not! He went to the temple and turned over the tables of the cheating money changers. He booted them out of His house and we, the people, should do no less!

Get out and vote! Write letters, make phone calls, talk to those who are voting for those who are corrupt and destroying our nation! We the people need to Stand up for Jesus, for God, for our nation. It's desperate out there and we need to fight for what's right.

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