Sunday, June 15, 2014

Walking through the Valley

As Christians we have that blessed hope of an eternity spent with God The Father, God The Son, and God The Holy Spirit. We live each day in this broken world, suffering the things this broken world dishes out, enduring hurts of every kind but still we cling to the hope that is promised in the Word of God...the hope of salvation and the knowledge that we do not endure alone.

We walk the path of this life. Sometimes the going is easy and smooth. Sometimes the pathway is broken and difficult. Sometimes we live with abundance and can easily pay the bills. Other times we struggle and have to sell off our possessions to put food on the table. We have times of health...and times of sickness. Times of great joy and times of unimaginable sorrow.

But through it all, even when we have no idea where the path is leading us, we can have the confidence of knowing the One who is paving the path. The One who is leading us to a specific destination. It's difficult when the path is rocky and covered with obstacles that we must traverse, but if it was always easy we wouldn't get to see how great our God is when He brings us through the hard times stronger on the other side. Resistance- life pushing against us- makes us stronger.

Ginny Owens is one of my favorite Christian singers. She sings a song that illustrates this so perfectly. In one video I found of her singing this song, she also tells the story of how this song came to be written and it's very good.

Please take the 6+ minutes time to watch this, listen to the lyrics. It's beautiful and might give you the courage to take one more step on the road that seems particularly difficult.

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