Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Have I offended you?

Don't say that, you might offend someone.

You mustn't post that, you might offend someone.

Don't think that, you might offend someone.

Your clothes might offend someone, your music might offend someone, your religion, your breath, your food MIGHT OFFEND SOMEONE!!

Our very own president is considering telling the press...the FREE press, mind you, that they aren't allowed to print anything that might offend Muslims.

Political  Correctness has gotten way out of hand and it won't be long before no one is allowed to say or do anything because anything we do or say might possibly offend someone else. Well I'll tell you what...OFFEND ME! It's your right! There are 7 Billion people on this planet and there's no way that we can all get along all the time. No, we shouldn't go out to deliberately to provoke people but the first amendment of our Constitution protects our freedom to do so if we're so inclined. Our words are protected! Our art is protected!

When did we become so intolerant of others that everything said or done is portrayed as offensive? Why do people let their feelings get hurt over every little thing?

That's racist!

That's offensive!

And why, pray tell, why would our own government be so worried about offending militant Muslims that they would trample the rights of our citizens to prevent it? Why not do more to stand up to these monsters instead of letting their dreadful behavior stifle our freedoms?

This whole situation is making me so angry that the words are difficult to find. Stand up for what's right, people! Stand up for what made this nation great! Don't let the Obama Administration destroy what our forefathers died fighting for.

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