Friday, August 12, 2016

Life Is Like A Box Of.....Crayons

With school starting back up in classrooms around the country, many homes have fresh new backpacks full of school supplies including crisp new boxes of crayons. Go grab a box of brand new crayons and pop open the top. If you don't have one, Google a picture of a new box of crayons and peer down inside that box.

What do you see?

All the same shape, size, wrapped in the same kind of paper...but all different colors. A beautiful rainbow of colors. We can pull those colors out of the box and draw a picture full of life. Because that's how we are in real life- colorful, vibrant, glorious, beautiful...and we're all the same...but we're different too.

Now, imagine opening that box of crayons and seeing:

Just one color. Brown or white or any one color. You could draw a brown picture with a brown house with a brown car and a brown dog on a brown lawn...or you could draw a white picture with a white house covered in white snow. How boring, how dull, how lifeless. We need color in our lives to make life richer, joyful. God created us brown, white, and every color in between. God created us in all these beautiful amazing colors to make the world more beautiful. We all start out the same- two cells joining to make one- tiny and precious. We grow and are born and brand new, we're like a brand new crayon. But just like the crayons, life uses us and some of us end up shorter, duller, rounder, and broken. But we're still the same even if we look a little different. We're all made from the same stuff- cells, blood, muscle,...and skin.

Different, beautiful colors of skin. Please remember, that without ALL the colors this world would be lifeless, dull, colorless.

Or we can all start looking around and appreciating the beauty of the creation that God made, each of us individual and HIS image. Love those around you no matter what color they are. Love them because God loves them. A box of crayons needs diversity and so does our world. Remember that!

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