Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Be His voice, His hands, His feet...His love

Six months ago my cousin, and one of my dearest friends, passed away from a terrible illness. And while I knew she was sick, her death was sudden and unexpected and a shocking tragic loss that still leaves me reeling six months later. She and I spoke on the phone nearly every day and we spoke the day before she was life flighted to the hospital, two days before she died. I grew up with her, the daughter of one of my mom's younger sisters, and we were buddies. I miss her every single day and sometimes still expect to see her name pop up on my phone when it rings.

A few days after she passed away, I heard a song on the radio that reduced me to a sobbing mess. Unfortunately I was in the car, but thankfully my daughter was driving so we were okay. But the song- Beautiful by Mercy Me- was a song that my cousin needed to hear while she was alive, a song that maybe would have encouraged her, and reminded her that she was loved by her Maker even when she was feeling unloved by those around her. The song hit me so hard I had to find a copy of the album it was on so I could listen to it when I was thinking of her and I could cry and grieve and remember her for the beautiful soul she was.

Well, also on this same album is a song that I've been listening to a lot lately. It's called Won't You Be My Love. And this song goes hand in hand with the other one in that our world is so full of desperately hurting, desperately sick people who need Jesus and they need to be reminded of His love for them. And we, as God's children, need to be the voice of Christ telling the hurting that He loves them. We need to be His hands healing them. We need to be His feet walking to a broken world. We've been charged with THE Great Commission. The greatest task anyone can be given- GO into all the world and spread the message of God's love, Christ's sacrifice, His redemption. GO. Jesus didn't say sit and pray about it- although prayer is important for knowing where He wants us- but Jesus said GO! Get up off your backside and GO!

GO to your neighbor's house. GO across town and witness to a lonely old person in the nursing home. GO to the jail or prison and be a friend to the friendless. GO 3 states over and help a tornado hit community. GO overseas and be a blessing to someone who has never heard the name of Jesus before.


Beautiful by Mercy Me

Won't You Be My Love by Mercy Me

This one's for you Lizzie- my sweet cousin. You are beautiful, you are loved, you are missed.

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