Saturday, September 7, 2013

Commander in Chief with no military experience?

Each of different branches of our armed forces has a level of ranks that can be achieved through various methods. Each higher rank requires the member to prove certain skills or ability to lead those placed under his/her command. While EARNING those ranks the members learn valuable disciplines as well as the ability to read a situation or person so that they can quickly ascertain the best way to act or react for the best possible outcome for everyone involved. They learn things that civilians are not regularly taught. They learn things that most civilians have no desire to learn and that's why the military would NEVER promote a regular joe civilian to the rank of captain, colonel, or admiral of the armed forces.

So, please, tell me why we, the people of the United States of America, find it acceptable to promote a regular joe off the street civilian to the rank of COMMANDER IN CHIEF. Why are we willing to put someone who has NEVER served in the military, in command of the military?

Barack Obama has never served in the military in any capacity. Never went through boot camp, never learned to follow orders, never learned the discipline necessary to lead in the military. Yet here he is 'leading' our troops into a potential disaster and possibly in the process of triggering World War 3.

George Bush Junior was a First Lieutenant in the Air National Guard and served during Vietnam.

Bill Clinton agreed to serve then changed his mind and never did.

George Bush Senior was a Lieutenant and served during WWII.

Ronald Reagan was a Captain and served during WWII.

And the list goes on. Only 11 of our 43 presidents in the history of our country didn't serve in the military in some capacity or another.

I truly believe that anyone hoping to lead this country should be required to have served in the military before they can be elected President of the United States of America. How can they effectively lead our military if they've never served in it?

What are your thoughts on this issue? Please share with me.

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