Monday, January 13, 2014

Staying in the Word is so important!!

A couple of months ago a number of people in our church came to the conclusion that things in the church were not as they should be and decided to join new flocks- so to speak- our family included. And while I absolutely adore the majority of the people in our old church, and I miss them fiercely, I know that it was something that was necessary for the spiritual health of our family. However, finding a new church where I feel as welcome and nourished has been tough and I'm anxious for the Lord to lead me where He wants me.

However, because I've not been in church regularly and not been in the Word as I should be, I'm feeling out of sorts and my spirit is homesick and hungry.

So last week I recommitted to be in the Word every single day and I have been and already I feel better. Already, in just a few days, I'm feeling the peace that only God can provide seeping back into my soul, soothing my spirit, reconnecting me to the One who knows what I need. And what can be better than that?


Our next step is finding a new church where we can sit under the teaching and guidance of a God fearing, Bible teaching pastor. My heart is with the children and I desperately miss the children I was teaching each week at our old church so hopefully we can find a church that needs help in the children's department. They were such great kids- even the ones that were difficult to love, I loved them anyway and I miss them so much.

So, brothers and sisters, please pray with me for a new church home. And don't forget to stay in the Word!

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  1. My heart aches with yours sister! Our family knows all to well of not having a 'church family'. After over 3 years of seeking for a home body we thought we found it about this time of the year. Something horrible happened to one of our children & the leadership didn't stand up for what we thought was right in taking the needed action. So we departed in September last year.

    Just last week we began going to a Bible study on Sabbath & our brains literally 'hurt' from all the truth that was shared with us! God has been leading us the past 7 years on a totally different path that's unfamiliar to us. God is faithful & true to His people!

    It's tough, but through lots of prayer & being in His Word daily He will get you through! Blessings my dear friend! Keep your eyes focused on Him & everything else will fall into place!