Monday, February 6, 2012

Where has the fire gone?

Lately I have such fluctuating feelings. One minute my heart is on fire for the Lord and the next I feel cold and indifferent. I hate that cold indifferent feeling and when it comes upon me I turn to the Word and the fire returns. I wish the fire would remain always, that desire to tell others about Jesus, that desire to serve and worship, it fills me with such joy and I want it to stay always with little to no effort on my part.

But that would be too easy, I think. That would make the fire burn less, seem inconsequential, I suppose. Sort of like walking into a potpouri store and inhaling deeply the sweet fragrance within. But after awhile you no longer smell anything because you've gotten used to it. If the fire came with no effort we'd get used to it being there and no longer work for it. No longer notice that it feels any different than when it's not there.

So today, because of the stresses of life, the constant struggle of simply getting through another day, I feel disconnected and anxious. The fire is gone. The only way I know to get it back is through prayer and burying myself in the precious Word of God. So as soon as this message is posted, I'm off to my quiet place with my Bible to find the match that will reignite the flame in my heart because it is so very worth the effort it takes to keep it kindled and burning bright.

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