Friday, March 30, 2012

Jesus is seeking you...

I was re-reading my previous post and it occured to me that I should have added something more but instead of editing it, I'll make a new post. Call it part 2 of Faith with Feet :)

As I'm reading through the Gospels each day it becomes more and more evident to me that Jesus, during his short stay on Earth, was a very busy man. He never stayed anywhere very long, he was always going, always teaching, always healing...always seeking the lost. He didn't sit and wait for the lost to find Him. No, He went in search of the lost sheep and He found them everywhere He went!

He says in The Word....GO and make deciples of all nations. That one word- GO- is an order, a command. Jesus doesn't add, "If you want to." or "If you feel like it." He says "GO."

There are hurting people all over this planet. As Americans we've been pretty spoiled by not really being affected by the suffering that people in so many other nations endure. Yes, the people in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, South America are suffering and need Jesus. But in many cases there are intense spiritual needs much closer to home. If traveling abroad is something you simply cannot do, there are people in your state, in your town, probably in your neighborhood who are suffering. People right next door who need Jesus.


Being fairly new to our community, there are still many people I don't know, circumstances I'm not aware of. But the spirit in me is telling me to GO, find the hurting, bring Jesus to them. Someone, long ago, took a chance and shared Jesus with me. How can I not reach out to some lost and hurting soul and do the same?

I'm going to share another persecuted believer's story link here. Please, take some time each day to lift up our suffering brothers and sisters around the world in prayer.

Pastor Wang Xiaoguang has been in a Chinese prison for nearly 900 days...simply for teaching about Jesus. Please take a moment to pray for him and maybe even write him a letter of encouragement.

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