Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Vote Your Conscience!

With elections in full swing the candidates are polishing up their speeches and ramping up their attacks on their opponents, dragging skeletons out of closets and pointing razor tipped fingers used to expose every perceived slight to the American people.

I cannot express enough, my friends, how very important it is to vote your conscience. Stop looking at the parties and, instead, look at the morals, values, and agenda of those running. Just because you are a registered Republican or Democrat does not mean you HAVE to vote for the person running in that party. Vote for the person who most closely represents your values, not matter what party they happen to be affiliated with.

And one more thing, read between the lines of the pretty speeches. Do your research and find out what these people REALLY think, how these people really vote, what these people really want for our country. Right now they're saying what they think the people want to hear, but we all know that campaign promises are rarely kept and what will we be getting when the campaign is over?

Above all- VOTE and VOTE INFORMED!

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