Tuesday, January 10, 2012


This anger is burning me up inside.
I want to run away and hide.
My heart is cold and full of fears.
I feel so along among my tears.
I'm tired of living with hurts and sadness.
I feel like giving into the madness.
Even with God I feel so alone.
My heart is as heavy as a stone.
My joy is gone, there's nothing left.
I am a victim of satan's theft.
Where is God when my heart is aching?
Is He here when my world is breaking?
Why can't I hear Him or feel His grace?
There's nothing but silence in this place.
Hear my cries, Lord, and speak to my heart.
Stop my word from falling apart.
I need your grace in my life today.
This is the plea that I humbly pray.


(c) March 5, 2002 Danielle M. Peck

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