Sunday, January 8, 2012


After enduring some terrible abuse in my childhood (not at the hands of my parents) I turned to poetry as a way of expressing my feelings and helping me heal. I suppose, like King David, poetry and song for me was one of the only ways I found to cope with fear, anger, hurt, and sometimes debilitating depression. Anyway, I was going through some boxes today and came across a folder filled with poetry I wrote over a span of about twenty years and I thought I'd share some here. God used words to heal my very troubled heart so maybe He can use those same words to help someone else.

Words of Wisdom

Faithless, faltering, hurting, hungry.
Seeking, searching, empty, lost.
Timeless, teacher, healer, shepherd.
Loving, living, leading, cross.

Weeping, guilty, desperate, hopeful.

Raising, rising, rolling stone,
Revealing, giving, Spirit, home.
Joyous, singing, loving, praise.
Waiting, worshiping, grateful, saved.

(c)2000 Danielle Peck


  1. Words of Wisdom indeed! Very beautifully put! Thank you for sharing your poem past with us! It's never easy sharing your past hurts, abuse, or feelings.

    I too was abused in my childhood (my father). It's a terrible thing to endure as a child, someone you love, respect and trust. When reading this post I thought to myself, "that's funny I use to write poems to cope as well." I think I just may get those old poems out.

    Thanks again. I truly have enjoyed reading you blog!

  2. Thanks Hollie! It's so amazing how healing words can be.