Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Mother's Tears

I wrote this one when my husband was working out of state for several weeks at a time and I was feeling so overwhelmed by being essentially a single mother of 3 small children.

A Mother's Tears

As I sit alone while my children sleep
From deep inside I begin to weep.
My feelings are all mixed up inside.
I've nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.
Anger, frustration, fear, and shame,
Many others that have no name.
My insides are fighting with blame and grief,
There is only One who can bring relief.
The One who gave His life for me.
The One who died on Calvary.
His life was taken, mine was saved,
And in that moment my path was paved.
Eternity is looming up ahead,
His blood and body, the wine and bread.
My problems here are none too large
When I give them to the One in charge.
He'll bear my burdens standing tall,
For every day He gives His all.
He loves me no matter what troubles I carry.
His love for me will never tarry.
Jesus is the one I speak of,
Jesus with His grave and love.
I sit and pray for quite awhile.
My children wake and make me smile.
The blessings I have are never ending,
My once broken heart is, forever, mending.
Thanks to Jesus and His undying love,
One day I'll live in Heaven above.

(c) 1999 Danielle M. Peck

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